Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees opportunity for Trey Lance

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explained he sees tremendous upside in Lance developing behind the respected Prescott.

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Dallas, TX - In a stunner that rocked the NFL landscape, the Dallas Cowboys acquired young quarterback Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers on the eve of 2023 preseason finales. The former third overall pick will now work to reboot his promising career under new mentor Dak Prescott.

Speaking after the deal, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explained he sees tremendous upside in Lance developing behind the respected Prescott. "At a level we've never gone in the draft, this lets us nurture a young quarterback. That's something we must be doing," Jones stated.

He emphasized that Lance's arrival does not diminish their faith in Prescott. "We wanted Lance immediately, but make no mistake - our success hinges on Dak. We simply need to cultivate future quarterback talent when we can."

The Cowboys only relinquished a fourth-rounder for the gifted but unpolished Lance. After trading massive draft capital to select Lance in 2021, the 49ers saw meager returns. As a rookie, he attempted just 71 passes behind Jimmy Garoppolo.

Handed the starting job in 2022, Lance's sophomore season crumbled in Week 2 with a shattered ankle. Enter ascendant rookie Brock Purdy, who led San Francisco to the NFC Championship Game. With Purdy entrenched as QB1 and veteran Sam Darnold signed as his backup, Lance's future in the Bay Area evaporated.

Departing the 49ers, Lance left behind supporters lauding his character and ability. Jones believes Lance greatly benefited from his San Francisco stint. Recalling scouting Lance in 2021, Jones saw tantalizing athletic traits suited for today's NFL. "His athleticism and arm strength jumped out. We knew he lacked Dak's college experience, but Lance's running and passing talents intrigued us," Jones remarked.

Under contract through 2024, Lance will cost Dallas a reasonable $6.25 million guaranteed over two years. The Cowboys also maintain his fifth-year option. For Jones, mentoring from Prescott gives Lance the perfect environment to thrive as an NFL field general.

"Dak's the best leader I've witnessed. Being around him will let Trey soak up the intangibles of an elite quarterback," Jones opined. "Our coaches will provide incredible exposure for Lance. But mainly, our quarterback room led by Dak Prescott will give Trey every opportunity to achieve his immense potential."

Prescott Embraces Mentorship Role

Ever the team player, Prescott welcomed the chance to mentor Lance. He brushed aside criticism that acquiring a backup quarterback signals a lack of confidence.

"Front office moves have nothing to do with me or my self-belief. The team added a piece they feel can help us improve," Prescott remarked.

Renowned as an enthusiastic leader, Prescott convinced Jones that Lance's presence could benefit Dallas short and long-term. "I think Dak relishes mentoring a young guy. I'm thrilled to have Trey join us," Prescott commented. "He's got all the tools - arm, athleticism, playmaking. I want to share my knowledge and help him flourish."

Lance Thanks Cowboys for Fresh Chapter

Lance enters Dallas hungry to revive his career after a star-crossed 49ers tenure. Drafted as San Francisco's quarterback of the future, injuries limited Lance to just 10 NFL starts so far.

In a statement, Lance thanked the Cowboys for the opportunity. "Being Dak's understudy is an incredible chance to learn. I'll contribute any way I can while keeping my game sharp," Lance declared.

Known as a tireless worker in San Francisco, Lance should thrive absorbing wisdom from Prescott and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. "Trey has all the attributes - arm, speed, creativity. Working with Dak, we'll develop those gifts," Moore said. "We'll make our quarterback room empowering for Trey from day one."

Trade Hints at New Cowboys Era?

Lance's arrival inevitably sparks speculation about Dallas' long-term plans at quarterback. Prescott is signed through 2024 on a mega-deal worth $160 million. But Lance's fifth-year option offers flexibility.

Some see the move as finding Prescott's eventual successor should injuries or declining performance open the door. Others believe Jones acquired a valuable future trade chip if Lance blossoms behind Prescott.

For now, both quarterbacks are embracing their partnership. But clearly, Jones wants to rekindle Dallas' Super Bowl dreams after years of anguish.

With Lance's ceiling, Prescott's leadership, and Moore's scheming, the Cowboys boast ingredients to reignite their dominance. Jones sent a resounding message - the Cowboys intend to recapture past glory.

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