In April, within the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, Bronny James showcased his skills as a key player for Team USA during the 2023 Nike Hoop Summit. Photo credit: Sam Forencich/NBAE/Getty Images.

Bronny James has a heart condition but will be back soon.

Doctors have determined the likely cause of the terrifying incident was a congenital heart defect Bronny has lived with since birth.

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Bronny James, the freshman basketball phenom and son of NBA superstar LeBron James, is expected to make a full return to the court for the University of Southern California Trojans “in the very near future,” according to a statement from a family spokesperson on Friday. This comes after Bronny suffered sudden cardiac arrest during a team workout this past July.

Doctors have determined the likely cause of the terrifying incident was a congenital heart defect Bronny has lived with since birth. This was identified during evaluations at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the Mayo Clinic, and Atlantic Health-Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey following his collapse.

Congenital heart defects are abnormalities in heart structure present from birth, often resulting when the organ fails to develop properly during gestation. While frightening, they can frequently be treated successfully, especially when identified early. The family representative expressed confidence Bronny will make a complete recovery and resume his auspicious basketball career soon. They reiterated appreciation for privacy during this challenging time.

The cardiac arrest occurred almost exactly a year after USC center Vincent Iwuchukwu collapsed mid-workout from a separate heart condition in July 2022. After receiving prompt medical care and sitting out several months, Iwuchukwu returned to the Trojans lineup in January and competed in 14 games as a freshman.

LeBron was present when his son crumpled to the court and was credited with helping stabilize Bronny until paramedics arrived. The terrifying scene shocked the basketball world, which had pegged the youthful prodigy as a can't-miss future NBA prospect.

Bronny joined USC in May 2022 as one of the nation's top prep recruits. Many projected the 6-foot-3 point guard as a potential first-round draft pick next summer, possibly becoming the first father-son duo ever selected to the NBA. LeBron himself has openly dreamed of one day playing alongside his eldest son on the Los Angeles Lakers.

USC was expected to contend for the Pac-12 conference title and vie for a high seed in March Madness this upcoming season. Bronny's enrollment, paired with other elite talents like returner Boogie Ellis and top-ranked freshman Isaiah Collier, strengthened the Trojans' Final Four hopes.

While Bronny will now miss valuable practice and bonding time with the team, his return before season tip-off remains plausible. USC Head Coach Andy Enfield has a track record of patiently easing players back from injury and illness. However, it may take several weeks for Bronny to regain full conditioning and rhythm after this traumatic health event.

Heart issues have cut short or altered the careers of various standout athletes over the years. In the NBA alone, Chris Bosh and Jeff Green saw promising trajectories disrupted by blood clots and aortic aneurysms, respectively. Many speculated Bronny could face similar long-term impediments.

But modern medicine has made great strides in managing heart conditions. Implantable defibrillators, careful monitoring, and tailored exercise programs allow many to continue competing. It seems Bronny's defect was caught early enough to treat without derailing his hoop dreams.

Of course, LeBron himself suffered cramps that sidelined him from key playoff games early in his career. But he rebounded to become one of basketball's most durable legends. Perhaps Bronny can similarly overcome this frightening setback and write his own epic story.

The teenager already dealt with heavy expectations as "The Chosen One's" kid. This health scare only heightens pressure and attention surrounding Bronny. But his family aims to shelter him from limelight and support his emotional needs during recovery.

Ironically, the cardiac arrest may have galvanized Trojan team chemistry. Players like Ellis publicly voiced well-wishes for Bronny amidst the shock. Rallying around their fallen teammate could forge bonds propelling a March Madness run.

Bronny's ordeal is a reminder that even privileged, elite athletes remain vulnerable to random illnesses. It shows the human side behind media narratives celebrating their otherworldly gifts and resilience. For now, Bronny is wisely prioritizing health over his hoop dreams.

But all indications suggest this driven young man will be back better than ever soon. The cardiac arrest gave his freshman season an early jolt of adversity. However, overcoming this could make eventual triumphs sweeter. It may also teach Bronny perspective and maturity beyond his years.

Of course, fans are hungry to see Bronny realize his potential in a Trojan uniform alongside decorated classmates. When he jogs back onto the Galen Center court again, it will mark a special moment for him, his family, USC, and basketball. For now, we can only wish him a smooth continued recovery.

Bronny James' collapse from sudden cardiac arrest during a USC team workout in July shocked the basketball world. But a recent statement revealed optimism regarding the ballyhooed freshman's recovery and return to action. Doctors believe they have identified and can treat the underlying congenital heart defect causing his symptoms.

The incident occurred almost precisely a year after Trojans center Vincent Iwuchukwu keeled over mid-workout from a separate cardiac issue. Iwuchukwu eventually recovered fully and rejoined USC's lineup. There is hope Bronny can follow a similar trajectory back to the court soon.

According to evaluations at Cedars-Sinai and other prestigious institutions, Bronny has a clinically significant congenital heart abnormality present since birth. These defects arise when the organ or related blood vessels fail to develop properly in utero for unknown reasons. Prompt modern care offers great outcomes.

LeBron James was present for the terrifying scene of his son crumpling to the hardwood. The elder James was credited with quickly stabilizing Bronny until paramedics intervened. But the moment rattled legions expecting the teen phenom to become an NBA star.

Bronny arrived at USC in May 2022 heralded as a potential first-round draft pick. Many envisioned him one day teaming up with his father on the Los Angeles Lakers. But the cardiac arrest threw projections into disarray.

USC hoped Bronny would propel a Pac-12 title run and March Madness success. But his extended absence jeopardizes team chemistry and finite NCAA eligibility. Still, Coach Andy Enfield has a track record of gently reintegrating sidelined players.

Past stars like Chris Bosh saw careers disrupted by heart issues. But advances in implantable defibrillators and monitoring enable safer competition. The key for Bronny will be slowly restarting activity without overtaxing his healing organ.

Of course, even LeBron himself endured early playoff cramps before becoming an iron man. Perhaps Bronny can similarly overcome this trial and author his own legend. Either way, all signs point to a full recovery and return for the mature, driven young man.

When Bronny does retake the floor, it will mark a special moment for him and his family. The frightening ordeal may ultimately strengthen team bonds and provide perspective. For now, he is wisely prioritizing health. But his hoop dreams should remain within reach.

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