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Angus Cloud, the Beloved Star of Euphoria Passes Away at 25

The world of entertainment mourns the tragic loss of Angus Cloud, the adored actor from HBO's hit series "Euphoria," who has left us at the young age of 25, as his family sorrowfully announced on Monday.

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The world of entertainment mourns the tragic loss of Angus Cloud, the adored actor from HBO's hit series "Euphoria," who has left us at the young age of 25, as his family sorrowfully announced on Monday.

According to sources close to the family, Angus had been grappling with overwhelming thoughts of self-harm since his return from Ireland, where his father's funeral had taken place merely a week prior.

His untimely passing occurred at his family's residence in Oakland, California, as confirmed by his representatives to NBC News. Reportedly, Angus sought solace with his relatives while attempting to cope with the profound grief he carried.

In a heartrending statement, the family expressed some solace in the belief that Angus is now reunited with his father, whom he cherished as his closest companion. The statement also emphasized Angus's candidness about his ongoing struggle with mental health, with the hope that his departure will serve as a poignant reminder to others that they need not bear their burdens alone and in silence.

Oakland Fire Department's emergency responders rushed to the actor's location at approximately 11:30 a.m. However, upon their arrival, it was determined that Angus had already passed away.

At present, the cause of his untimely demise remains unknown.

Following the heartbreaking news of Cloud's death, an outpouring of tributes flooded his Instagram comments. Among them were numerous heartfelt condolences on a recent post, seemingly dedicated to his late father.

A heartfelt message read, "Rest in peace; may you now be reunited with your talented father." A sweet soul gone too soon." Another expressed, "I am deeply sorry; sending love. He was such a kind-hearted individual."

Angus Cloud gained fame for his standout portrayal of Fezco in the popular HBO teen drama. In a March interview with i-D magazine, he revealed an unconventional path to stardom, having been discovered on the streets by a casting agent with no prior professional acting experience. His endearing and humorous character quickly endeared him to the dedicated fans of the series.

Reflecting on his journey, Angus mentioned in the interview that unlike other actors driven by a desire for fame, his decision to take on the role was based on the sheer excellence of the opportunity presented to him. He never anticipated that it would lead him so far.

HBO expressed profound sadness upon learning about Angus Cloud's passing, stating in a social media post that he was immensely talented and an integral part of the HBO and "Euphoria" family. The company extended their deepest sympathies to his friends and family during this challenging time.

The show's creator, Sam Levinson, mourned Angus's departure, describing him as a uniquely special and talented individual taken from the world too soon. Levinson acknowledged that Angus, like many others, faced his share of struggles, battling addiction and depression. Levinson expressed a hope that Angus knew how deeply he had touched the hearts of many.

Throughout the series, Angus's portrayal of Fezco, a teenage drug dealer residing with his grandmother, resonated with viewers, and his romantic relationship with Maude Apatow's character, Lexi, found considerable support online.

One of the most heartwarming relationships Fezco fostered in the show was with his young adoptive brother, Ashtray, for whom he took on the role of caretaker. Tragically, Ashtray's character met his end in a dramatic shootout with the police during the season two finale, a scene celebrated for showcasing Angus's exceptional dramatic acting.

Javon Walton, the actor who played Ashtray, paid tribute to Cloud on Instagram, bidding him farewell with the poignant caption, "Rest easy, brother."

As Angus conducted more interviews, fans noted that his real-life demeanor began to resemble that of his character, Fezco. In a past interview with Variety, Angus admitted that portraying the typically stoic character took a toll on his mental well-being on some days. Although he considered himself an easygoing and playful person, Fezco seldom laughed or smiled.

Beyond his acting prowess, Angus Cloud also exhibited a captivating personal style, which he proudly displayed on red carpet occasions since his "Euphoria" debut in 2019. His unique sense of fashion was shaped by his experiences of shopping in the thrift stores of Oakland, California, during his formative years, allowing him to craft a distinct and individual identity.

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